Welcome to Massage For All Seasons
I am a licensed massage therapist with more than 15 years of experience working in the Portland, Oregon area. My office is located on Canyon Road, in Westslope between I-26 and I-217. I am approximately 10 minutes away from downtown Portland and Beaverton Town Square. See
About Me for my bio.

Mariana (1850-1) Sir John Everett Millais Tate GalleryFlexible hours
For your convenience, I work evenings and Saturdays. See my Services page for complete details.

A Few of Many Benefits
Massage, very well known for reducing muscle soreness and stiffness, has many other healing benefits as well. Massage can help to provide pain relief for conditions ranging from arthritis to fibromyalgia, improve joint flexibility and range of motion, assist in increasing the immune response and circulation, reduce scar tissue and high blood pressure, and help stabilize the spine in conjunction with chiropractic care. Relaxation massage is especially good for reducing stress and helping with sleep issues. For a complete listing of the many great benefits of massage, see my Benefits of Massage page.

My specialties and other massage modalities
I specialize in Sports style Deep Tissue and Positional Release Therapy. In addition, I practice table Shiatsu, work with seniors, do Pre-Natal massage and will also come to your location to do pre-wedding massages on you and your wedding party.

You also can get the many advantages of massage at your work place! I will come to your office setting and do Chair Massage which will put smiles on your employees’ faces. Those of us who do office work, and I have a fair share of it myself as a small business owner, know that our shoulders, neck and back can get very sore with so much sitting and computer use. I will also do massage on feet as I am conversant in Foot Reflexology. It has been shown that office productivity, employee alertness and even the speed of doing math computations will increase due to regular 15 minute mini-massages. Please see my Services page for a complete listing of my massage offerings.

Insurance billing for Motor Vehicle Accident injuries
If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), you are entitled to get most alternative therapies whether it is chiropractic, acupuncture or massage. Once you file a claim, you would only need a prescription detailing the areas needing massage from an MD or Chiropractor. Your auto insurance (or if the accident involved another motorist-- possibly their insurance carrier) would cover the costs of the therapy. I will fill out and submit all the paper work to the insurance company for you.

Come Home To Yourself™
If you are recovering from an injury—whether chronic or acute (see above), have aches and sore areas that don’t go away, are over stressed and over worked, it may be time for rejuvenation. Add massage to your wellness regimen!

Feel free to contact me with any questions whether by e-mail at johnny@massageforallseasons.com or phone (503) 351-3821.

I look forward to meeting you!
Johnny Julia Marshall, LMT